I think this tattoo needs a formal explanation. It’s small. It’s simple. It’s one word. Seemingly meaningless, but really, I like to think it exemplifies my life in its entirety.

To describe my past in short, it goes a little something like this: My parents divorced when I was two. I was then abused by my father until I reached the age of seventeen, when I ran away from my home to go live with my mom and never looked back. A year later, I was ‘officially’ diagnosed with depression, PTSD, severe anxiety, and an eating disorder. I was put on medication after medication. I lost friends, ruined relationships, did poorly in my classes, and there honestly was not a day that went by in which I did not consider taking my life. Many times, I came quite, quite close. And yet, here I am. Still breathing, despite the demons that resided within me, assuring me I would not make it out alive. This tattoo does not represent my past. It does not represent my struggles. It represents the strength it took, and continues to take, to conquer them. 

The word arise is taken from Flyleaf’s lyric, “arise and be all that you dreamed.”

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    I love you. Even with all you’ve been through you’re still such an amazing and stunning human being. Keep smiling Alix...
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    this is absolutely beautiful
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    All I can say is, congratulations. It takes so much to let go of the past, especially one as traumatizing as yours. You...